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Belt - Continental Contitech Scooter XT V-Belt 729-18-30 > Part#106GRS116

  • $ 2999

Grand Rapids Scooter - Transmission Parts

Continental Contitech Scooter XT Premium CVT Drive Belt size 729-18-30 is commonly found on 50cc 4-stroke QMB139 Street Scooters with 12 inch rear wheel.

Continental went back to the drawing board for the Conti Scooter XT and came up with a new compound and design that works wonders in many variator drive applications. The compound and tension member quality is every bit as high as for OEM. In addition to the improvements made in the material, the newly developed belt toothing, which is optimally mated to the drive geometry, ensures enhanced efficiency. Power is reliably transmitted, even at a high gear rate.

  • Length: 729mm
  • Top Width: 18mm
  • Groove Angle: 30°
  • Made in Korea, Engineered in Germany

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