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Crankshaft Bearing - Hoca QMB139 Bearing & Seal Kit > Part#169GRS332

  • $ 3499

Grand Rapids Scooter - Engine Parts

Hoca Crankshaft Bearing and Seal Kit for QMB139 50cc, 4-stroke engines. This precision Taiwanese bearing kit contains the right and left crankshaft bearings and seals.


  • 6204C3 Bearing - Outer Diameter: 47mm, Inner Diameter: 20mm, Width: 14mm
  • CS-SC03A39 Bearing - Outer Diameter: 42mm, Inner Diameter: 17mm, Width: 13mm
  • 19.8*30*5 Seal
  • 16.4*30*5 Seal

Made in Taiwan

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